Calibrate Your Internal Compass

How can you live in a purposeful manner if you aren’t crystal clear on your deepest convictions? Most of us aren’t! We move through our days and set goals that seem good, but aren’t inspiring to us because they don’t necessarily align with our most treasured values. Even worse, the values we are basing decisions on may actually be someone elses criteria that we’ve taken in and just go along with on auto-pilot. Before establishing your targets for 2018, take the time to work through these exercises, then align your goals and expend your time and energy on what is deeply meaningful to YOU. It will light a fire inside of you that will keep you going even when facing obstacles.

Clear The Path

Do you find yourself increasingly drained from multiple responsibilities and commitments, but have little fruit to show for it? Are you feeling stressed from the distractions in your environment? Do you have a sneaking suspicion what’s going on between your ears is sabotaging you? This week we’re going to pause for a little reality check that could lead us to an important wake up call or two. Be prepared to have your assumptions challenged as we continue our year end review and wrap-up, but don’t worry because it leads to clarity, which is the catalyst for great improvement.

Strategic Year End Reflection

This week we’ll be focusing on reflecting and analyzing this past year. I’m going to walk you through 5 different exercises that will help you evaluate, summarize, and clarify the nuggets of insight and wisdom you’ll want to bring with you into the new year, as well as do a bit of internal housecleaning so we aren’t dragging negative things with us that can sabotage our efforts moving forward.