Negative Habits That Wreck Your Day

Habits can be a huge asset, freeing up energy and time better utilized elsewhere, while still accomplishing repetitive tasks that need to get done.

However, habits can also work against us when they launch us into non-productive patterns on autopilot.

Use Routines to Free Up Creative Energy & Focus

You know there’s activities that would make a huge difference in your life, like consistent exercise, time with God, healthier eating habits, answering email on time, or being proactive about growth, yet for some reason you just can’t seem to build it into your days.

It feels like a bunch of jumbled puzzle pieces in the box. You know there’s a pretty picture in there somewhere, if you can just get the puzzle assembled.

Positive Rituals That Get You In The Zone

A simple strategy to help you quickly gain traction.

We can leverage simple, wholesome “rituals” to create positive associations that quickly uplift our mood or prepare us for focus and productivity.