You were created by God

for great things.


Not small, I’ll settle for,

this is good enough things.


Life impacting,

community shaping,

great and beautiful things.



It’s time to step into your destiny.




I can help you change the way you think,

so you live fearlessly, lead confidently,

and achieve consistently.


Are you serious about breakthrough and ready to get to work? 


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Self-Leadership & Personal Development

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When the thrill is gone and you’re feeling unfulfilled, undervalued, and underutilized, when the season has shifted and it doesn’t fit anymore, when you know you’re meant make a difference, but all you’re doing is marking time, it’s time to make a change.  Get ready to start a new adventure.


When your best laid plans go awry, when you’ve missed the mark, when your confidence has taken a major hit and you’re left second guessing everything, you’ll discover that losses and failures can be turned to your advantage as camouflaged gifts.  It’s time to catch your second wind and come back stronger, wiser, healthier, and better than before..


When you’re fed up with feeling defeated before you even start, or baffled as to why you freeze mid-stride just as you’re gaining traction, you need wisdom, not “try harder” lectures.  It’s time for a new approach that diffuses your triggers, restores your confidence, and finally breaks through the self-sabotaging barriers of procrastination, overwhelm, and fight, flight, or freeze syndrome.  Are you ready to regain your forward momentum and experience the fulfillment of consistent achievement?


The people who experience consistent personal and professional success are those who have established strong habits of self-leadership.  Now you too can join this elite category of high achievers as you master these core personal, daily disciplines.  Instead of feeling at the mercy of your day and everyone else’s priorities, you’ll be the master of your day.  In the next 30 days, you’ll be experiencing peace, power, and focus as you create successful days practically on autopilot.





Leadership, Mentoring, Team-building, & Influence

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I have 25 years professional training and experience

creating programs and workshops, and developing teams and individuals.

I look forward to helping you activate YOUR potential.


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