A 25 Day Journey Into the True Heart of Christmas

Beginning December 1, set aside a few minutes each day
to seek Him as all wise men & women do.
Step into His peace through a 5 minute, guided daily journey of Scripture, prayer, and reflection,
set to beautiful music each day through Christmas morning.

Here’s what people are saying about


So very much enjoyed your gift today.
How precious to hear scripture with music and reflect on what is important!

I saved your Thanksgiving recording for special moments when I need it most.

There is a Peace from these readings.
What a beautiful gift to us all!

So many really amazing, powerful women

are operating below their potential. 


They haven’t yet stepped into their

God-ordained level of influence and impact.


Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, bored, or unfulfilled in your professional life?

Is there something inside you saying, “Step up, Step out!” but you’re feeling unsure of yourself,
wondering if you really do have what it takes, and uncertain of the path to get there?

Does it feel like you’re bouncing off some invisible barrier, sabotaging your efforts to move forward?

The time is NOW, and this is YOUR moment!


I want to help you break through the barriers, break out your potential, and break into success!

I help courageous Christian women challenge their own assumptions and change the way they think

How To Get Started When You Don’t Feel Like It – Part 2

When we’re deliberately dodging some task we need to focus on, we can feel the tension rise within us. Our logical mind says, “You need to get this done so you’re on top of that project”. Which prompts something illogical inside us to respond, “No! I don’t want to. And you can’t make me!”

An inner battle of wills between our logical adulting self and our rebellious inner 5 year old results in lots of wasted time, additional self-induced stress, and a side order of guilt.

In Part 2, you’ll find more easy strategies to help you get started and get happy, even when you don’t feel like it.

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How To Get Started When You Don’t Feel Like It – Part 1

For any number of reasons, we all have times that we’re dodging what we know we need to tackle, even when we’ve designated time in our schedule to focus on it in a responsible, stress-free, proactive manner. It doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible, weak, or lazy for not automatically kicking into “game on” constantly. After all, you’re a human, not a machine.

Try one of these four easy strategies to get focused and productive quickly, even when you just don’t feel like it. Part 1 of 2

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