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Welcome to a special community of women who are inviting God to illuminate any areas where they’re trapped in non-productive ways of thinking that sabotage them from living and leading in confidence, and activating their potential.


You were created and called to live an abundant, satisfying life as you consistently achieve your goals and make a tangible impact in the lives of others.


But I’ll bet it seems like the daily realities of your life only rarely hit that mark, right?

I know you often feel overwhelmed and discouraged trying to juggle multiple demands and priorities.


How many times have you caught yourself shrinking back from a challenge at the very moment you need to dig deep and give it your all?   Do you believe you’ve got what it takes to experience the extraordinary?


I’ll bet you’ve recently told yourself for the umpteenth time, “This time, things are going to be different”, yet in spite of daring to give it another shot, you still didn’t experience the self-discipline, motivation and perseverance you needed to break through that invisible barrier between where you’ve been and where you know you’re meant to be.


Surely God wouldn’t have set such targets there for us if it’s not actually possible – and within His will – for us to experience as a lifestyle, not just an occasional passing moment.

I get it.  I’ve been there too.  I’ve personally experienced the frustration of being stuck in that place where we keep going around the same mountains without gaining any altitude, feeling more and more inadequate.


You know what I’ve discovered?


We’re so busy trying to change other people and circumstances  we think are holding us back that we’re missing the point!  What if these struggles that seem to be the thorn in our side are actually a camouflaged gateway to success beyond our wildest dreams?


You see, the breakthroughs have to come from inside of us first.


As a result, we start to perceive differently, believe differently, reason differently, respond differently, choose differently, expect differently, and act differently.   Once that happens, everything else begins to change, align and come into order, because we’ve changed.

Are you ready for breakthrough?  Are you hungry enough for things to change that it outweighs your innate distrust of the unknown?


You don’t have to go it alone or stumble around trying to figure it out.


I’d like to help you muster your courage, anchor yourself to God’s truths, and step by step, begin changing the way you think so you’re free to create your own breakthroughs.


For over two decades now I’ve helped amazing women like you get to the roots of what’s really holding them back.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing them proactively break free from their self-imposed limitations so they begin to experience authentic and lasting peace, joy, freedom, and consistent achievement.


Now it’s your turn.    Let’s walk this journey together!


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