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and design a life you love.

Wake Up Your Best Self

Approach the day as an overcomer, full of gratitude, positive attitude, and wholesome sense of personal power.

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Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, bored, or unfulfilled in your professional life?

Is there something inside you saying, “Step up, Step out!” but you’re feeling unsure of yourself,
wondering if you really do have what it takes, and uncertain of the path to get there?

Does it feel like you’re bouncing off some invisible barrier, sabotaging your efforts to move forward?
The time is NOW, and this is YOUR moment!

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I want to help you break through the barriers, break out your potential, and break into success!
So many really amazing, powerful women are operating below their potential.

They haven’t yet stepped into their God-ordained level of influence and impact.

I help courageous Christian women challenge their own assumptions and change the way they think

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I went from total paralysis to being proactive every day and I’m seeing fruit I don’t think was possible before. I was able to tackle a goal I’d been struggling to master and now my productivity has improved about 300%!

Annette’s workshops have opened my eyes to so many things. I’ve identified why I do the things I do and react the way I react. Through the workshops, I was able to identify the root cause of the friction that was happening in one of my personal relationships and with some others on my team.

Annette has a gift of delivering thought-provoking material in a way that allows you to look inward without beating yourself up.
I highly recommend her workshops as well as her coaching as she will not only help you be honest with yourself, she will give you the tools to move you in the right direction.

Wake Up Your Best Self

Wake Up Your Best Self

Get Started Today With This FREE Tool & How-To Guide
Begin experiencing changes in the first week using this tool only 10 minutes a day.