Your Best Is Yet To Come

An Overview of Each Success Path Step

Step 1: Create your 90 day Growth Plan

  • Download the workbook and participate in the live workshop where you’ll create your customized Growth Plan on the spot plus receive coaching & feedback.
  • To create your Growth Plan you’ll select 1-3 “Flourish Zones” to focus your efforts on.
  • At the end of each month evaluate your progress using the Flourish Scale and join us live to share what is or isn’t working, and get feedback so you can make adjustments and keep moving forward.

Step 2: Uplift Your Heart & Mind

  • Each month you get to participate live in Uplift Workshops to work on emotional healing and thinking patterns as it pertains to various topics. In the workshop you’ll have instruction as well as coaching and feedback.
  • Each 90 day cycle includes four live, Uplift Workshops focused around a theme. You’ll learn valuable heart healing skills you can apply in the present and future too.
  • Uplift Workshops helps you resolve issues that have been holding you back. We realize these issues can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but we also know the freedom you’ll enjoy on the other side of these issues.
  • That’s why we approach these subjects in ways that are truthful yet gentle. You’ll leave each workshop with deeper insight and understanding, always feeling uplifted in the process.

Step 3: Cultivate Your Best Self

  • Walking through difficult life experiences can really put a damper on how you see yourself and what you think is possible for you.
  • Besides crafting your personal 90 Day Growth Plan, in each quarterly cycle Flourish Training Studio offers a variety of training workshops, challenges, and guest expert interviews to help you embrace your true identity, discover new strengths, cultivate your leadership skills, and create a productive lifestyle of personal and professional success.

STEP 4: Nurture Future You

  • You have a bright future ahead and a crucial role to play in God’s Kingdom, but you won’t get there by passively wandering around. Romans 8:28 tell us, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

    This means that everything you’ve been though has actually equipped you in unique ways!
  • Bit by bit, through the various workshops and resources available to you in Beautiful Life Academy, you’ll begin to develop a fresh vision for the kind of beautiful life you want have. You’ll also gain progressive understanding of your purpose and “Zone of Impact” where you do your best work, feel fulfilled, and leave a legacy of good!

Step 5: Celebrate & Challenge

  • At the end of each 90 day cycle it’s time to celebrate the progress you’ve made! You’ll have experienced new levels of heart healing, personal insights, upgraded attitudes, better habits, and deeper relationship with the Lord.
  • Your 90 Day Growth Plan is all about progress, not perfection. You deserve to feel proud of your progress because you’re better than you were 90 days ago. So let’s celebrate together!

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