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negative traits into positive ones that reflect your best self!

The Wake Up Your Best Self As A Leader tool is designed to help you pinpoint how heart level hurts manifest as fear, insecurity, and resentment and how unmet emotional needs can exacerbate those issues.


  • Use the Leading From Faith or Fear chart to identify positive and negative attributes of specific traits you may have expressed through your thoughts and behaviors in the previous 24 hours.
  • Cature your insights on the reflection pages specific to each area.
  • Rank how your top 10 emotional needs are being honored on a daily basis and note your insights so you can proactively address what's needed.
  • BONUS - Heart Healing Process Overview. Learn a step by step process to partner with the Lord and experience heart-level healing, renounce false assumptions and lies you're believing about yourself, and begin the process of renewing your mind.

If you use this tool honestly and consistently you'll gain valuable insights into the attitudes of your heart that motivate your actions.

It will give you progressive awareness of what you’re doing before you’re doing it, which let’s you proactively choose rather than merely react.

Day by day, you'll experience a process of focused, but gentle improvement that gradually transforms negative traits into positive ones that reflect the real you - your best self!

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