What if that irritating situation is actually helping you?

So there I was in the bath house, coating myself head to toe with sunscreen in anticipation of a beautiful afternoon on the beach, when in walked a mom and her young daughter. They had already spent the morning enjoying the beach, as evidenced by their wet hair and generally sandy condition, and were in […]

How to Stop Letting Murphy Dictate Your Life

Murphy’s Law states, “If anything can go wrong it will”.   But is Murphy’s Law a reality in life?  It just might be, if you believe it’s true. Two factors are always at work here to make it seem like truth: We act upon what we believe, regardless of the accuracy of that belief.  Therefore, we […]

When Playing Hooky Is the Most Productive Thing You Can Do

Somehow it creeps up on us bit by bit.  The cumulative daily, dulling rut of commonness, the demands and expectations, the necessary to-do list, the unspoken, lingering, unresolved hurts and worries hovering over us like a dark cloud, blotting out the sun.   Like the proverbial frog in a kettle, we realize that somewhere along the […]

4 Motivation Myths & Why It’s Not About Willpower – Part 1

These 4 myths may be holding you hostage, sabotaging your success before you even get rolling.

The problem is that we’re looking for a magic button that will help us “get motivated” or “have more willpower”.

Here’s why most of what you’ve been taught about motivation, willpower, and focus actually creates procrastination.

How To Get Started When You Don’t Feel Like It – Part 2

When we’re deliberately dodging some task we need to focus on, we can feel the tension rise within us. Our logical mind says, “You need to get this done so you’re on top of that project”. Which prompts something illogical inside us to respond, “No! I don’t want to. And you can’t make me!”

An inner battle of wills between our logical adulting self and our rebellious inner 5 year old results in lots of wasted time, additional self-induced stress, and a side order of guilt.

In Part 2, you’ll find more easy strategies to help you get started and get happy, even when you don’t feel like it.

How To Get Started When You Don’t Feel Like It – Part 1

For any number of reasons, we all have times that we’re dodging what we know we need to tackle, even when we’ve designated time in our schedule to focus on it in a responsible, stress-free, proactive manner. It doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible, weak, or lazy for not automatically kicking into “game on” constantly. After all, you’re a human, not a machine.

Try one of these four easy strategies to get focused and productive quickly, even when you just don’t feel like it. Part 1 of 2

When Hurt, Not Harm Is In Their Best Interest

Nobody wants to disappoint someone, or hurt their feelings, but continually making exceptions to the rule, lowering standards, and not enforcing boundaries is not helping that person you’re leading.

When we have difficulty enforcing healthy and appropriate limits, or consequences, there’s a high probability we’re avoiding facing our own pain and fear.

When Creative Excuses Sound Good But Thwart Progress

There’s point when taking more time to research, get organized, and continue praying about an opportunity or goal is really a means for trying to cope with fear and overwhelm.

With a little graciousness toward ourselves, and a savvy strategy in place to outwit our triggers while still gaining ground, we can systematically and successfully execute a plan, and regain our desire to rise to the challenge.

Failure Is A Better Friend Than Quick Success

Many times, those who experience relatively quick, “easy” success right out of the gate typically lack staying power. When things don’t go as planned, when further endeavors aren’t as readily achieved, when storms hit, they are unable to bounce back, so they crash and burn, then hang their head and tip toe away into the shadows to lick their wounds, refusing to try again.