Your Best Is Yet To Come

You are more courageous than you realize.

You’ve been through some things that rattled your assumptions about who you are and where your life is headed.  I know it left you feeling disheartened and disoriented.

The “it” that happened may have been an unanticipated event, a loss, a toxic relationship, or the disconcerting revelation of long standing, unhealthy patterns you’ve ignored for too long.

So now you find yourself in this moment at a crossroad.

You can either try to sweep it under the rug and limp on, repeating the same patterns, as you feel your energy, hope, and passion wilt like a rose without water.


You can take a stand for yourself.

You can dare to grab hold of the promise that Jesus came to bind up your broken heart, release you from the areas you feel trapped, hear your cry and bring comfort, create beauty out of what seems like ashes, and anoint you with authentic peace, joy, hope, and fresh purpose.

You can determine to face the issues head on, one step at a time until the light shines through and you’re free.

You can diligently seek out truth, figure out the patterns, reject the lies, grieve well, find healing, gain wisdom, and bounce back better than ever before.

You can take a stand that today is the day you start taking back your life.

You’re worth it.
You’re needed.
You’re truly beautiful in every way.

And you’re not alone in this journey.

Courage does not always roar, but it does take a stand.

I can help.

Here’s a gift you can use right now or whenever things start feeling overwhelming and discouraging.


Refresh – The Proactive Pause Workbook

Use this tool for a 15 minute pause that will help you untangle what feels knotted up in the moment, remember truth you need to stand on, and reset yourself to move forward with confidence.