Your Best Is Yet To Come

Let’s work together to repair your heart,
rediscover your best self,
and restore your beautiful story

Being in a significant relationship with a toxic narcissist guarantees you’ve experienced life altering woundedness of the soul.

Do any of these points ring true for you?

  • Your heart has been betrayed, used and abused. It’s shaken your trust and sense of security to the core.
  • Brokenheartedness sapped your strength and vitality. You’ve lived so long with it that it feels normal. You only see glimpses of what it’s like to feel light-hearted and free.
  • Because your identity has been skewed and stomped on, you question your own judgement and doubt what you have to offer the world.
  • You likely wrestle with “imposter syndrome” in your professional life.
  • You live in a vigilent mode and on guard a lot around others. You’re trying your best to contain your short fuse, cynicism, and depression so you can be as “normal” as possible. The last thing you want is to let the ugliness splash over others you care about, though sometimes it leaks out anyway. It’s all so exhausting.
  • You long to be with people yet are easily overwhelmed and pull away, even though you wind up feeling isolated again. It’s a catch-22.
  • You may struggle relating to God as Father, Love of Your Life, and Best Friend. You intellectually believe, but feel so distrustful and let down that relational intimacy with Him feels scary.

In CinderElla No More you’ll learn the process of emotional healing and renewing the mind at a deeper level than you’ve experienced before.

  • We’ll be inviting the Lord into this process as Comforter, Healer, and Guide to restore the pieces of your broken heart to wholeness.
  • You’ll learn to transform the narrative you’ve been repeating to yourself about all you’ve been through into a story of victory.
  • You’ll expose the lies and distortions that have worked their way into how you think and respond, replacing them with truth that sets you free.

Even though it may have been years since you extracted the narcissist from your life, the survival mode defense mechanisms can remain in the way you live out your days.

See if any of these points ring true for you.

  • You feel a bit selfish when prioritizing your own needs. When you do get around to yourself it’s in the leftovers of your time, attention, energy, and finances.
  • You feel overly responsible for everything and guilty for setting boundaries to protect and care for your own wellbeing, especially if it disappoints someone else. If someone is angry or hurting you feel obligated to make them feel better.
  • If you had a narcissistic parent you go to great lengths to be the opposite of that with your own kids. The problem is that sometimes you realize you’re out of balance in your perspective and it’s skewing the way you’re parenting.
  • Your life tends to feel a bit overwhelming, like you’re trying to keep all the plates spinning at the same time. The idea of simplifying everything feels like a pipe dream. It’s easy to stay busy. But when you stand still for a bit there’s a persistent feeling of emptiness and restlessness. You’re not even sure what you want for yourself anymore.
  • Overall things are much better since the narcissist isn’t constantly in your face, yet you have a nagging suspicion there’s more to life and more of who you are that’s stuffed in a box somewhere.

To Rediscover Your Best Self we’ll begin examinging how you see yourself, applying strategies to amplify and energize your best qualities, and even discover lovely new things about yourself.

  • You’ll have guidance to help establish new self-care and lifestyle practices. This will give you a solid baseline from which to recapture energy and motivation to rediscover parts of you that were shoved into the background.
  • You’ll learn how to identify the energy drainers in your life and determine what you can do about them. You’ll find ways to simplify your lifestyle so you’re able to focus on your own healing and growth.
  • Through fun exercises you will get to explore and discover new strengths and likes. You’ll get some lightbulb moments of what’s possible for you.
  • You’ll find your confidence and voice to be honest with yourself and others about what you find acceptable and what you prefer.
  • You’ll restore your identity to who God says you are to Him, who you are in your own eyes, and how you show up in the world.

Too often after surviving narcissistic abuse we settle into a status quo. After the years of hell on earth, it feels better to not be in the pit, but is that enough?

Are you living the life of purpose, impact, adventure, and delight that is meant to characterize living in the Kingdom and dancing with Prince Jesus?

See if any of these points ring true to you.

  • You’ve established a lifestyle that feels fairly safe and familiar, yet sometimes you wonder if there’s more that God intends for your life. It feels like something is missing.
  • You sometimes feel Holy Spirit nudging you, maybe even giving you glimpses of what He’s calling you to, but you quickly put it into the “I’m sure I’m imaging it” category and carry on with your daily To-Do list.
  • You realize how fleeting the days and weeks are, yet there’s an uncomfortable directionless when it comes to your own life. It’s as if you’re standing still while everyone else passes by in a blur. There’s times you tell yourself that you really need to get a life.
  • Sometimes a scene in a movie or a line the hero says jumps out at you. It resonates so deeply in your soul that it’s a bit unnerving. For just a moment you allow yourself to live as that character before shaking it off and returning to the “real world”. What’s up with that?

To Restore Your Beautiful Story your new ongoing lifestyle will open the door to lovely new adventures that give your life purpose and meaning.

You’ll start believing that a beautiful and fulling life really is possible for you!

  • You’ll write your Beautiful Life Personal Constitution. Just like the United States Constitution establishes the framework for a nation, your Beautiful Life Personal Constitution will establish a framework of the values you want to build your future around and the kind of lifestyle you want to live.
  • As the Princess of the Realm in His Kingdom, you’re not just another pretty face. There’s purpose in your position that’s meant to make a difference in this world. God said He works all things together for good, so we’ll explore your personality traits, experiences, skill sets, and how Holy Spirit has gifted you for insights. These are all clues to guide you as you explore a new direction and find your place in the Kingdom.
  • You’ll be equipped to articulate a fresh vision and purpose that gives more depth, challenge, and impact to your next season, and you’ll put it in writing like a banner you’re raising for the future.

Before CinderElla No More, I thought I was no longer being affected by the narcissist since I had been out of that relationship for several years. But Annette helped me recognize that my day-to-day life was still under the influence of negative thought patterns and hurts stemming from that experience.

I’ve done a lot of focused personal growth over the years, but being part of CinderElla No More gave me a way to apply deeper levels of healing like I’ve never experienced before. It feels like I’ve had layers and layers peeling off of me and my heart is growing lighter. I have so much hope now and am excited for the next chapter of my life that I’m creating.

CinderElla No More is truly a life changing program!