Your Best Is Yet To Come

You have become far more powerful than you realize.

Like the plot of any epic story, you have an enemy who has worked to thwart you from understanding and stepping into the impact you’re meant to have in this world.

You thought you were just minding your own business, trying to live a normal life, but your enemy could see the hints of God’s glory in you long before you could.

That’s why he worked so hard to leverage other people and situations to discourage and dissuade you, suck the joy and life out of you, take you hostage, and try to neutralize you.

He lost.  God won.  You’ve been set free.

But free for what purpose?

Scripture tells us God’s plans for us are for good, to give us hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

I realize you’ve been through some things that may cause you to wonder if you’ve been disqualified, if maybe there’s been too much water under the bridge.

He told us He works all things together for good, for those called according to His plan and purpose.  Romans 8:28

What if your “purpose” is not a static destination or a single point, but rather something cumulative in nature, something that unfolds, evolves, and morphs according to your understanding, desire, and experience level?  What if you have the ability to live in your “purpose” every day?

Everything you’ve been through is actually where your power to create a beautiful and meaningful life comes from.

This stage of the journey is where you get to develop your personal constitution, design a blueprint for your life, and take God’s hand as you move forward in a grand and beautiful adventure.

Trust me – you’re going to love it!

When you’re ready, I have a gift waiting for you.

Beautiful Life Constitution Workbook

The exercises in this workbook will help you articulate your personal constitution and gain clarity about the kind of life you want to design as you move forward.