Your Best Is Yet To Come

Episode 152: Three Major Hidden Heart Issues Sabotaging Your Life.

with Jill Savage

This journey of healing is one that many of us need to take, but few of us understand why or even the huge difference it can make in our lives. I’ve asked my friend, Annette Chesney, to help us unpack this topic. Annette works closely with women to repair their hearts, rediscover their best selves, and reawaken their powerful purpose as they create a beautiful life of their design.Listen in as Annette helps us uncover three major hidden heart issues that could be sabotaging your life!

Giving Yourself The Gift Of Joy and Peace This Holiday Season

The Confident Woman Podcast
with Rachel Brooks

In this podcast episode, host Rachel Brooks and her guest Annette Chesney discuss personal experiences, ways of dealing with the highs and lows of the festive season, and the importance of self-care. Together, they discuss:

  • Staying present, mindful, and appreciative amidst the changes and stresses that holidays may bring.
  • Personal memories, strategies to navigate difficult family dynamics
  • Ways to create new memories and traditions,and the importance of faith and hope this holiday season.

Episode 31: How To Recognize Narcissistic Tendencies In Relationships With Annette Chesney

Defined By God Podcast
with Anna Harris

The topic of “narcissism” is a popular topic in the world today. What is it? What does it look like? The lingering affects of narcissistic abuse can cause you to doubt yourself and keep you “stuck”. In this episode we talk about how to identify narcissistic traits and behaviours. She also introduces the idea of a “narcissistic spectrum” and the varying degrees of a narcissist (Category 1 – 4) and explains each stage and what’s going on for that individual.

“Just because someone is out of a relationship, doesn’t mean that they’re automatically healed”. Going through a healing process after a narcissistic relationship is so important, as you can have lingering trauma and hinderances. There are 5 stages of grief when it comes to narcissistic abuse and in some ways are more complicated and convoluted than imagined.

Guest Speaker Annette Chesney is passionate about helping Christian businesswomen create a beautiful life after leaving a narcissistic relationship. Whether it’s been 10 months or 10 years since escaping the narcissist, lingering pain and distortions can hold you back in every life dimension, leaving you feeling alone and misunderstood.
Annette’s blended her personal experience with narcissism, and her decades of professional experience in recovery ministry and leadership development and created the CinderElla No More Program, specifically for supporting her clients in overcoming self-sabotage, losing confidence, and shrinking back in the face of challenging goals and situations.