Your Best Is Yet To Come

Difficult seasons of life can throw you into not so great patterns of thinking and being, leaving you feeling you’re not your best self right now, personally or professionally.

Wake Up Your Best Self is a gentle and insightful process that helps you focus in 4 key areas to REBUILD, REFRESH, REFOCUS, and REDISCOVER the best you.

Use this tool for 10 minutes a day and you’ll experience exciting improvements in just 10 days.

Wake Up Your Best Self – Leadership Edition

Use the tools in this workbook to overcome the 3 major heart issues sabotaging your leadership so you have greater Kingdom influence and effectiveness

The Wake Up Your Best Self As A Leader tool is designed to help you pinpoint how heart level hurts manifest as fear, insecurity, and resentment and how unmet emotional needs can exacerbate those issues.

If you’d like to hear Annette provide training insights in these areas listen to these 2 guest appearances.
Jill Savage’s No More Perfect Podcast
Rachel Brook’s The Confident Woman Podcast
(airs Jan 2, 2024)

Protect Yourself from Narcissistic Abuse

Just because someone is acting like a jerk doesn’t mean they should be labeled as a narcissist. We can all be selfish, thoughtless, or self-absorbed at times.​ However, there’s some key traits and patterns that are giveaways indicating you may be dealing with a toxic narcissist.​ Use the Narc Encounter Spectrum as a guide to help you understand:

* A simple framework that makes sense of the spectrum of narcissistic behavior and why they do what they do.

​* Markers that point to the line being crossed from dysfunctional behavior to destructive narcissism so you can take steps to protect yourself

​* Common traits and safety rankings for 10 different types of narcissists

Whether we realize it or not, we all operate by a “Constitution”. The problem is, if you haven’t been deliberate about identifying and enforcing your Constitution, you wind up living in default mode, reacting to people and situations.

Your days rapidly become filled with to-do’s and demands from all sides, and can feel like you’ve lost sight of your autonomy regarding how you allocate your time and energy week after week.​

The exercises in this workbook offer a starting point that will help you get back on track with who you are and what kind of life you want to have – a life that you absolutely love, one that is deeply fulfilling to you and makes a difference in the lives of others.

Refresh – The Proactive Pause Workbook

Occaionally as we move through our day something happens that throws us for a loop. It can blindside us, leaving us feeling bound up with negative emotions or paralyzed in overwhelm.

Regardless of what happened or the emotions that followed it, the net result is we’ve been booted way off in left field somewhere and find ourselves unable to be still, feel positive, or focus on what we must accomplish today.

These are the moments this workbook was made for. Consider it your personal “break glass in case of emergency” tool.

Follow this 3 step process with the exercises in this workbook to regain your focus, peace, and productivity and save your day!