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NeverNarc Podcast

Join Annette and her cohost Wendy Ockers in conversations for amazing women who are ready to partner with God and rebuild a beautiful life and reset their leadership after leaving a narcissistic relationship. 

 We understand and we’re here to help educate, encourage, inspire, and guide you as you move forward. 

Even if your legs feel a bit wobbly right now, we’ve got you, and we promise that your best is yet to come


So grab a cup of your favorite brew,  get comfy, and join us for some great conversation in NeverNarc Podcast.

Guest Appearances

Listen to Annette share on other creators podcasts and leaders platforms.

Complimentary Workbooks & Resources

Pour a cup of your favorite brew, settle into your favorite thinking place, and select from these complimentary workbooks and other helpful resources created by Annette.

You’ll find downloadables to help you improve your emotional health, understand the dynamics of narcissistic abuse, design the kind of life you want, develop your leadership, and more. 

Check back here now and then as Annette often adds new resources.

Beautiful Life Contemplations

Linger here for a bit with these articles and videos to gather wisdom, gently challenge your assumptions, and be encouraged.