Your Best Is Yet To Come

Welcome To Your New Season!


First Steps Guide

Everyone’s had positive and negative experiences in their lives that shaped the decisions they made along the way, bringing us to where we are today and who we are today.

Unfortunately, the negative experiences tend to speak louder into how we perceive things.

Jesus said that He came to set the captives free and provide us with an abundant life full of joy, peace, blessing, and purpose.  He intends for you to be an influencer, to make an impact, and to have the time of your life doing it.

If that’s not your story today, it’s ok.  You can write a new story starting right now. 

And I’m here to help with that.

It’s not what we’ve been through that’s
ultimately holding us back, but rather
the story we tell ourselves about what’s happened


Bounce Back From Difficult Experiences

You can take a stand that today is the day you start taking back your life.

You’re worth it. You’re needed. You’re truly beautiful in every way.

And you’re not alone in this journey.

You are more courageous than you realize.

Discover Your Best Self


Once you’ve worked through the biggest issues in the Bounce Back area and broken through the fog enough to feel like your head is clearing, the last thing you want to do is drift back to familiar, ingrained patterns that were unhealthy and counter-productive.

Your eyes are open and now you’re able to connect the dots in ways you didn’t understand or recognize before, but now what?

The real YOU is gloriously beautiful,
interesting, and totally unique.


Create Your Beautiful Life

You have become far more powerful than you realize.

What if your “purpose” is not a static destination or a single point, but rather something cumulative in nature, something that unfolds, evolves, and morphs according to your understanding, desire, and experience level? 

What if you have the ability to live in your “purpose” every day as you design a successful personal and professional life?

Everything you’ve been through is where your power to create a beautiful and successful life flows from

Beautiful Life Virtual Cafe

The Café is a private gathering space created especially for
Christian women to help you bounce back from adversity,
discover your best self, and create a successful life you absolutely love.

​In the Café you’ll find member only downloadable resources,
insightful teaching including guest experts, thought provoking discussion,
and relationships with awesome women just like you