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CinderElla No More Group Coaching Program

Rediscover your best self to rebuild your life and restore your powerful purpose after narcissistic abuse.

Whether it’s been 10 months or 10 years since you escaped that narcissistic relationship the echoes and impacts on your heart and mind can linger for years, holding you back from experiencing God’s best for you, preventing you from stepping into the fullness of your Kingdom Zone of Impact.

Are you ready to change things so you can finally experience game changing breakthroughs both personally and professionally?

In the CinderElla No More Coaching Program we’ll work closely together for 16 weeks, focusing on 3 primary areas:

– Repair Your Heart (your past)
– Rediscover Your Best Self  (your present)
– Restore Your Beautiful Story (your future)

Next small group cohort kicks off mid-January, 2024.  Currently, there’s 3 seats remaining.


Beautiful Life Academy

Info about our Q2 training focus, including live workshops, coaching, your custom personal and professional growth plans for Q2, and Wise Words Book Club coming soon!

Individual Coaching


Are you a business or ministry professional serious about developing yourself personally and professionally so you are able to achieve next level results?

Are there issues from your past or present hindering your confidence and sabotaging your progress in what you feel called to do?

Working one-on-one together, focusing on breaking through these issues along with gracious accountability may be exactly what you need.

Schedule a complimentary 45 minute strategy chat to explore these issues, gain some clarity, and discuss your goals.  

You’ll come away from this session with at least one actionable next step.